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Pedro Sorela


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Artículos etiquetados con: Finlandia

The Carnival and the publisher. Fables in Europe

Por: Pedro Sorela Sábado 14 Abril 2007. En Conferencias, Artículos

The Idea of Europe: Continuity and Change. European Cultural Foundation Network, Finland 2007

The first scene of this theatre play takes place in the city of Barranquilla, in the Colombian Caribbean coast, last February. It is night and the streets are filled with men, women, clowns, puppets, acrobats and devils that dance giving themselves to the rhythms that have made this part of the world famous. The salsa dance finds its origins here and so does a big part of the so called "hot music” from the Caribbean: La música caliente. It is also the home land of the writer Gabriel García Márquez, who could not be understood without this music that structures and shapes his books and enhances deeply the charm of his work. 

Beyond the talent for disguise; beyond the surrealism of the official mask of that carni- val – a long and slim trunk of an elephant hanging from a human face with big ears –; beyond the beauty of the black, white and mulato bodies intertwined in sweat, move- ment and music, what is more attractive of it all – as it is frequent in the Caribbean culture – is the easefulness, the freedom with which all this barranquilleros move. The dance with which they have been raised since they were kids, of course, but, above all, the freedom with which they do it. May it be that this freedom is inherent to any kind of dancing?

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